Guadalupe County Issues

Dear voters:

We rely on county government to ensure clean and plentiful water, safe county roads and bridges and funding for rural fire, ambulance and law enforcement. When a builder or commercial investor wants to build in this county, it is the county government's job to review and approve of the land and water use. Protecting our rivers and our aquifer from pollution is the responsibility of our county officials. 

Issues regarding Agenda 21 (a United Nations mandate regarding "sustainable" development) must be looked at carefully when they are presented to our county and city governments. "Free" money from federal sources is not "free" from strings attached to the rights of the county citizens.  

Landfill issues will continue to be in the forefront of county governement. Built in an inappropriate place, a landfill could contaminate the very water source we depend on as well as stop development of better and more beautiful places to live.

The rapid growth occurring around us is a threat to our private property rights, individual water rights and the quantity and quality of our water supply.  County government must protect against increased flooding and runoff caused by development from San Antonio, New Braunfels and San Marcos. 

Guadalupe county in the recent past gave all elected officials a raise and raised property taxes without purging the budget of unnecessary expenditures. Efficient use of our financial resources is essential. Every elected official as well as every employee of the county is responsible for the spending in their department.

This county has a rich history, architecturally and in the land itself. Our old county courthouse should be preserved and improved as it is the cornerstone of the downtown square in Seguin. And the small rural communities should be carefully protected as new developments are considered.

Every citizen, not just those of us who run for office or serve on community boards, must be active in our state, county and city governments. We all must be vigilant. I encourage every citizen to be involved even if it is only in a small way. Protect your freedom, protect your liberty, and help keep our county and our country free and prosperous.